Education plays a key role in the modernization and development of the country. It is fundamental to Nation’s all round growth and development: material as well as spiritual. It refines our sensitivities and perceptions that contribute to national cohesion, scientific temper of mind and interdependence of spirit, thus furthering the goals of socialism, secularism and democracy as enshrined in our constitution. It also develops human potentialities at different levels of economy.

No educational programme can be a success without the proper education of teachers. A sound programme of professional education of teachers is essential for the qualitative improvement of education. In order to achieve this very noble goal, the colleges of education were specifically pioneered to be established. Professional training of teachers is key to quality enhancement of school education. The skills and competencies of teachers can be developed through systematic approach to revitalize and modernize teacher education programme.
Several innovations have been develop to equip teachers with requisite competencies and skills to teach effectively. Our college has been doing a yeoman’s service in this direction since its inception.


Sh. P.K. Johar
Sai College of Education