The library is fully equipped with syllabus Books, Encyclopaedia & General Books with different types of Journals, Magazines. The library is computerized

To inculcate habit of self study the college has a well equipped library. Apart from text books, there are encyclopedias, journal, magazines and news papers. The students are expected to make maximum use of the library. To keep the books in circulation and make them available to all students the withdrawal of books is governed by the following rules.

B.Ed.                3 Books at a time

D.El.Ed.           3 Books at a time

Staff                  4 Books at a time

      These books must be re-issued after two weeks and four weeks by the students and staff respectively. When you borrow the books from the library check them thoroughly, after you have got them issued in your name then it is your responsibility to return them in proper form. Don’t underline the pages or disfigure them. Disfigured books will not be accepted by the librarian.

A) BOOKS 9940
D) Magazines 15

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